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Teak Lumber

Welcome to Teakyard.com, the place to get your teak lumber! Teakyard.com is your teak lumber yard connection brought to you by Proteak – the leader in renewable teak wood forestry. We sell various sizes and dimensions of raw teak lumber in whatever quantities you need. Proteak is quickly becoming the “go to” company for teak lumber.

Why Teak?

Teak wood is without a doubt one of the most sought-after hardwoods on the planet. Its natural ability to repel moisture, fungus and even termites has made teak wood a favorite with shipbuilders and woodworking experts for centuries.

Teak's exceptional stability and workability have earned the wood a legendary reputation in applications such as boat building, indoor and outdoor decking, outdoor furniture, and decorative trim, while its dark complexion and exquisite wood grain have made it a favorite among interior designers.

In recent times, teak’s stellar reputation on the high seas has migrated to dry land, where it’s developed an increasingly important role in both residential and commercial architecture.

Stunning Beauty

The natural richness of teak wood can help turn an exceptional design into a truly inspiring finished product. Teak wood’s tight grain pattern and golden brown coloration make it a true stand-out against conventional treated lumber. The exotic tones and smooth feel of teak wood brings a genuinely unique touch to any project.

Lasting Durability

Due to a naturally high level of oils and resins, teak lumber won’t warp or move like other hardwoods. Likewise, these oils help protect the wood from rot and moisture, even where teak lumber meets the ground.

This not only helps teak lumber hold up against the elements, but preserves the wood's attractive appearance as well. While the typical lifespan of a treated pine deck is only 10-15 years, a low-maintenance teak deck can last for many decades with the proper care.


Despite the high demand for the beauty and durability of this exceptional material, the mismanagement of teak's natural habitat has left old-growth teak in short supply. The world's largest remaining teak forests are located inside the borders of Burma, a nation that's currently facing trade sanctions imposed by the US Treasury. Fortunately, this exceptional hardwood can once again be enjoyed without contributing to the destruction of the Southeast Asian rainforest.

Proteak Renewable Forestry's slow growth teak tree plantations are a cost-effective and conflict-free alternative to Southeast Asia's old-growth timber. Teak wood, or teak lumber, is an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor construction due to its stunning wood grain and naturally resilient characteristics.

Proteak's sustainable plantations encompass over 8,000 acres of reclaimed ranch lands in Mexico and Central America. These renewably managed plantations offer a reliable source of conflict-free teak lumber that can be shipped directly to North America, reducing shipping emissions. Our plantations employ more than 250 workers in traditionally low-income areas and capture the CO2 emissions of 20,000 cars daily.